Mandibular Surgery

Individuals with overbites (mandibular deficiency) and underbites (mandibular excess) can be treated with moving the lower jaw to the upper jaw. The surgery requires an outpatient visit at the hospital. Surgery is called a BSSO (Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy).

The lower jaw is separated so that the bones can slide along each other. The bones are then secured with screws or plates. Following surgery, patients can open their mouths but they have elastics guiding them into their new bites. At the end of the first week, individuals can chew a light meal. This is dramatically different compared to the technique used prior to internal screws/plates. Before the use of screws/plates individuals had their teeth “wired shut” for 6-8 weeks. Today individuals can open immediately after surgery.

Mandibular Surgery - Bilateral Sagittal Split

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The Whitewater Oral Surgery Group’s Digital Media Library is where you will find many full-motion video, 3D animation, clinical and before-and-after video files. By visiting the digital media library pages, you will be able to view video presentations of common and complex topics ranging from corrective jaw surgery, dental implant surgery, and wisdom tooth. The Boise OMS Digital Media Library is a growing collection of Maxillofacial Surgery topics so be sure to check back.


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